The trio MACH plays contemporary improvised music, which convinces through musical diversity, form consciousness and a large dynamic spectrum. The three musicians are virtuoso players as well as attentive listeners. Each instrument is equal, takes the lead or fits into the band sound tastefully. The music creates intense images or atmospheric sound paintings and pays homage to Hendrix as well as Parker or Stockhausen, makes the adventurous listener happy and annoys the purist - in short: it does not get boring or predictable.

Markus Markowski - electro guitar, schnick • Hannes Clauss - drums, percussion • Reinhart Hammerschmidt - double bass


"The trio MACH focuses on free improvisation, but imitates improvising the tracks of the recently released debut CD: sometimes with crashing free-intensity and speed that reaches at least MACH-1-tempo, sometimes with delicate, loving and funny 30-second miniatures. " C. Emigholz, WK, 5.3.2018

"Whether it's a harsh imperative or an ambitious speed specification, this is both true: the drums are carved, brushed and dabbed from the rough wood to the finely chiselled tensions, the double bass is still processed on the most remote resonance surfaces, an unbounded arsenal of guitar sounds, accessibility and effects accessed. A flight through the storm front between paralysis and ecstasy." VB Schulze, 2.2018

"This is also the case with MACH, who are swinging the banner of free improvisation with the help of guitars plus electronics, double bass and drums, but who are also showing exciting new ways: Markus Markowski, Reinhart Hammerschmidt and Hannes Clauss are also able to do research in small-cell and noisy situations, but combine them with clear groove intentions and melodic ideas that sometimes thrust into the brash of free jazz and produce violent clusters of sounds." C. Emigholz, WK, 7.3.2015